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Custom Error Pages

One of the important steps of any website is setting it up to fail Nicely. Sitecore has done a lot of this for us with their error pages, but that may not be the look you want your visitors to see! And what if Sitecore isn’t able to help at all? Not so pretty with ASP.NET error pages… But do not fear! With the configuration files Sitecore makes available, this is a snap to set up and fix.*** ***You Will need to change the web.config file, so please back it up before making any changes suggested here! The first and hardest step – make your error/not found pages that you want your visitors to see – these can be html pages, aspx pages, or even an existing page within Sitecore. Quick Edit!-- As a commenter pointed out: using Sitecore pages for your 404/page not found type errors can allow you to make use of the Sitecore features for multilingual sites as well as analytics. Not to mention, it makes it very easy for business users to make the changes. Usually Sitecore will handle you

Sitecore Training: Sitecore 6.2 .net Developer Series Experiences

At the beginning of August, I was able to go out to Mill Valley, CA for the .net developer series training at Sitecore USA Headquarters. The course was 4 days of Sitecore goodness, with a certification and a day of hands-on building with Sitecore. Once I found out I would be heading to training, I spent a fair bit of time trying to find out what it would be like and searched for details of the certification without much luck. So for those out there who want to know a little bit more before you’re in the thick of things, here is what happened for me! The quick and dirty description, for those who want to avoid the wall of text: I’d say this training is a must for any developer switching over to Sitecore – without it, it can be really hard to get the whole picture of the product and really see what it is capable of. Even for those of us who had been using Sitecore for a bit before training (there were a number of us in the class), it was very useful to see how to do things the ‘Sitec